Lace Detail Dancing Queen

Has this ever happened to you…You have a great new dress but no shoes (out of your 30 pairs) to go with it?! And you spent way too much money on the dress so that you can’t afford more than…well you can’t afford to spend anything on new shoes.

Here’s a quick, cheap, and easy way to transform one of your old pairs, or a vintage pair of shoes into something worthy of the dress that broke the bank. 


Light coloured leather shoes
Leather spray paint (Nu-life color spray)
Lace, ribbon
Leather preparer
Leather balm (neutral)
Newspaper, plastic bags 

Step 1: Lay out newspaper, or plastic bags on a flat surface. Pour leather preparer onto a clean rag and wipe all over shoes. This will remove the waxy finish and allow the spray to colour the leather easily. 

Step 2: Place lace and ribbon on the shoes where you would like the design to go. Remember that it’s used as a stencil, so that wherever the solid part of the fabric is, that’s the part of the shoes that will remain the original colour. Tape in place (tape should be in places where it won’t affect the design ie. the sole). 

Step 3: Cover the shoes with the leather spray. Make sure to keep the can a distance away from the object you’re spraying and don’t concentrate it in one area. Let dry. 

Step 4: Remove the lace.  

Note: These Shoes work best when Disco is in the air.

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