by Heidi Craig

Awww! Montreal-based Bruxe Design’s new jewelry line just might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Tiny Little Chairs is a collection of miniature vintage chair pendants that celebrate mid-century furniture design. Babies and puppies will look downright ugly next to your adorable wittle chair on a chain.

The series consists of five chairs: the Scoop Chair, the Pavilion Chair, the Bent Chair, the Dining Chair, and the Work Chair. Handmade in Montreal, each model is offered in solid gold, sterling silver or bronze.

My favorite is the Pavilion Chair, a cool $2500 for the 10K gold version. (It’s $500 for the silver and $340 for the bronze, but really, when you’re shelling out hundreds of dollars for a tiny metal chair, might as well go for broke!)

Available at Commissaires, 5226 boul. St-Laurent
Or online at