For World Aids Day, this Thursday Dec 1, Shedoesthecity will partner with L’Oreal for a special event at Toronto’s L’Oreal Academy that will bring together students and local bloggers to talk about issues surrounding AIDS. Together we will create a video that will help further promote AIDS prevention and engage our respective readers, or you, to consider what this day means.

33 million people are HIV positive. 17% don’t even know it. It’s hard to even take in those disturbing stats but if there are two things we want you to remember, or consider, this World Aids Day, it is that:
1. AIDS is not a disease that went away in the 1990s. We are all susceptible. 
2. People with HIV+ are just like you and I. Don’t fear them or the disease, rather get educated.

Since 2001, L’Oreal has been working to establish a partnership with UNESCO to help raise awareness on AIDS and specifically, AIDS prevention. Tapping into their enormous network of hair stylists, L’Oreal has been able to engage 1.3 million hairdressers in twenty-six countries to help spread important messages about AIDS prevention. In fact, it has become an important part of training for all aspiring hair dressers at the L’Oreal Academy. Speaking of AIDS education, test your knowledge with this quiz.

We love working with students and think this is a wonderful way to open communications about an issue, that whether or not we want to acknowledge, is still taboo. And it shouldn’t be. At all.

Stay tuned! We will be posting our video this Friday. In the meantime, check out this cool and inspiring video that we think does an excellent job in addressing some of the uncomfortable, and not talked about, misconceptions about the disease.