Marie Khediguian is the creative brains and hands behind Markhed Designs, a Montreal jewelry line with a dark, slightly provocative aesthetic. Khediguian was completing full-time studies and an internship in architecture when she began making jewelry as a way to unwind after work. It was then that the born-and-raised Montrealer realized where her true passions lay. The result of that epiphany is a collection of hand-crafted, head-turning pieces that range in style from cute and dainty to sexy and macabre.

With an anomalous design signature to each ring, necklace and bracelet, Khediguian has created a line of fresh, singular pieces which garner a curious, “cool-where-did-you-get-that?” reaction. We’d been seeing them around the city quite a bit and now, to the delight of our credit cards (and yours?), we know where to get them for ourselves. Our favourites are the Modern Classic pearl ring ($75), the Rib Cage with Heart ($53), the Kneeling Pin-up Girl Necklace ($58) and the Bone Bracelet ($70).

~ Lindsay Tapscott