Fourth Year Fashion Design, Presenting Mariella 

by Elli Stuhler

Most valuable thing you’ve learned at Ryerson?
Time management!!  There’s so much to do for the fashion program, time management is key. 

Best spot in Toronto to shop?
It depends on what you’re looking for, I still find the best vintage in Kensington Market and along Ossington Ave, and Queen West still has great boutiques but they’ve been pushed farther West. But if I really want to hunt for some bargains, the best Value Villages and Goodwill’s are north of the city or in small towns where they haven’t been picked over by hipsters. 

Favourite hangout spot on campus and why?
The sewing lab has been my home away from home for the past 4 years, I do all of my work there and you become so close to the other students who also work there. 

Leading up to this show must be pretty stressful. What was the most grueling aspect of it?
After I’ve handed in my collection there’s really nothing much for me to do!  The 3rd year communication students take over and I can sit back and watch the show with my family and friends and finally relax.


How do you de-stress in Mass Ex Madness?
Really when I get stressed I can’t relax, I just go berserk and work until I feel like I’ve completed enough to go to sleep.


What’s the first thing you plan on doing once all of this is over?
Celebrate with my fellow graduates, my fashion girls!! (and Dez).

 Do your parents like your designs?
My parents are incredibly supportive and have been with every creative
  project I’ve ever done.  My dad likes my designs because they’re for ‘skanks’ as he calls them, and my mom thinks I’m a genius for some reason, doesn’t matter what I do. 

If you could design an outfit for a dead celebrity who would it be?
Marie Antoinette because pre-French Revolution garments are amazing and outlandish.

What would you dress him/her in? Do you think it would be an improvement?
I would have a pretty big budget to work with so lots of layering and expensive, lavish fabrics, and definitely work with the bird cages and ships she likes to wear as hats.

 Who is your number one style inspiration?
I really couldn’t pick one, I find inspirational and stylish women everywhere. 

How would you describe your own personal style?
Lots of black is the only constant theme, but anyone who knows me sees that my hair changes like a mood ring.


What is your fashion dream job?
My dream job would be designing and running a successful fashion empire based in New York.


Is your future in Toronto?
Perhaps.  New York is ideal but I have no idea where I’ll end up.