I rocked up to Boohoo.com‘s Regent St showrooms in London for breakfast before heading up to Manchester to tour their GIGANTIC head office and warehouse. Boohoo, an affordable online retailer based in the UK, had organised the kind of trip that I’m sure faaaa-shun bloggaahhs are very familiar and cool about. The site is now shipping to Canada, with free shipping on orders over $25. WOO(BOO)HOO!  I spent the entire time inspired to get my shit together, style-wise, in 2013. 

The lovely, lovely people from Boohoo showed us a truly wonderful time, giving my well-dressed blogger buddies and I tours of their friendly offices and huuuuuuuge warehouse. Both were filled with clothes from their current Spring/Summer collection, and we got a sneak peek at Fall/Winter ’13. Get ready to get punk about things, you guys. Two days of tours were followed by a nice meal out with about 30 Boohoo staff (all of whom were impeccably dressed, I was wildly outnumbered), and a trip for some of us to Manchester’s bar district, where I met my future husband, the manager of a local grocery store. Jonathan, if you are reading this, you are very handsome and I’d like to spend time in your produce section. 

When I move home this summer, one of the things I’ll miss about living in the UK is affordable, stylish clothes that even a Certified Non-Cool like me can make look jazzy, so I was comforted to know that our buddies at Boohoo are now shipping to Canada! These guys know what they are doing—who other than a full genius would book hotel rooms and have onesies waiting for us on our beds?

You do you, Boohoo. If anyone needs me, I will be trying this onesie on with high heels for some “outfit pics.” These are incidentally both for sale at Boohoo.com and the comfiest thing I have ever worn. Just saying.