Are you expecting? Got a friend with a baby shower coming up? Enter to win Jen’s diaper bag!

What’s in my (diaper) bag.

My everyday tote used to hold eyeliner, taxi cab receipts, gum, and an iPod. The colourful contents have since changed, DRAMATICALLY. But truthfully, I’d say my bag is much more fun now.

1. Latch Baby Bottle

The sooner you can get your baby to take a bottle, the more freedom you’ll have. (Bottle feeding is also a great way for babe and Dad to bond!) There are a ton of options out there, but we like LATCH. The unique design makes the transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding easier. The magic is in the nipple, which stretches, pumps and moves just like the breast and ensures our little one latches on to the bottle continuously.

2. Monkey Bib

Babies are messy.

3. Extra Onesie

Never leave the house without at least 1 extra outfit. New parents often learn this the hard way.

4. Maracas

Our favourite weekly activity is our Groovy Baby music and dance class. We sing and make music wherever we go.

5. A Fuzzy Friend

My little guy always likes to have a friend to hold when he goes down for his nap. If you’re travelling or napping outside the house, a favourite plush toy is a source of comfort and familiarity.

6. The Gruffalo

We like to read stories, and our repertoire is quickly expanding. The Gruffalo series is cute, funny and he digs the rhyming. (I never understood why babies required board books, until I discovered that my son had eaten a corner of a magazine.) (That discovery was made on the change table.)

7. Rattle

For our Ring, Rattle & Shake jam sessions.

8. Druide Protective Balm

At home, we use coconut oil, but on the road, I like this small container of Druide protective balm.

9. Baby Boo Bamboo Baby Wipes

Baby Boo for my Baby Boo! They’re natural, smell nice and made for sensitive baby soft skin.

10. Penaten

If rash ever creeps up, we always have this on hand. Same cream that my mom used on me.

11. Mamas & Papas BabyPlay Jingly Bird, or what I call the “Crazy Chicken”

It makes a crunchy sound, there are hard bits to chew, soft pieces of fabric to touch; this little birdie offers hours of stimulation.

12. Teddy Bear Toque

So my little bear stays warm.

13. Herschel Duffle (AKA my diaper bag.)

This was a very generous baby shower gift from my cousin Robyn. Somedays, we just use any old tote, but when we’re heading out for a an entire afternoon, you need to pack more gear than you could have ever imagined. (Always bring extra diapers and more clothes than you think you’ll need!)

Musical instruments, animal hat, doggy pal: I told you it was a fun bag.

For a chance to win, go to the Munchkin LATCH contest page and share with us on Twitter what’s in your diaper bag with #LoveLatchCA.  

LATCH is a well designed and innovate product that allows mothers to incorporate bottles into their babies routine successfully when needed.

Product features:

      • Pressure against the nipple releases milk just like the breast
      • Baby controls flow of milk
      • Bigger size nipple
      • Realistic pumping action
      • Accordion style nipple flexes as baby moves her head
      • Prevents air bubbles from traveling through breast milk reducing gas
      • Anti-colic valve located at bottom of LATCH bottle allows for breast milk to flow while ensuring air bubbles do not travel through
    • Made of polypropylene and silicone making it BPA and phthalate-free