My Necklace Could Kick Your Necklace’s Ass: Beads from St-Denis’ Bidz

Jewellery-making is largely a money-saving, creative endeavour that we all keep meaning to try, one day soon, probably. I assure you, however, that receiving a sincere compliment towards a handmade glass bead necklace is far more meaningful than receiving the same comment in regards to something plastic and sparkly you bought on sale at Aldo Accessories. To you, I say: there is no time like the present.

Situated in a basement boutique on St-Denis, just south of Duluth, Bidz bead store is a key stop for all aspiring jewellery crafters. Founded in 1996 and originally located near Sherbrooke and Ontario (before a necessary move uptown), the owners of this shop demonstrate their passion for bead-making with each hand-made, international bead they personally select for trade in their store. Without a single plastic bead in sight, Bidz offers products made of unique materials, including natural wood, metal, glass and semi-precious stone. In particular, Bidz sells beautiful Murano glass beads (of Pandora bracelet fame), which have the power to instantly transform any handmade item into something exotic and luxurious. While beads do not come cheap, the time and precision dedicated to the creation of each one is worth every single penny. Plus, the freedom that comes with simply making what you want, instead of scouring shopping mall after shopping mall in a frustrated tizzy, is refreshing indeed.

Bidz also offers pre-strung necklaces (made with the same beads that are sold in-store) to give non-creative types an opportunity to take home something lovely. Similarly, I encourage these same non-creative types to sign up for a diverse array of workshops offered by the store, including ring design, hemp-braiding, or a basic introduction to jewellery-making. Workshops range from one to four hours in length, and take place during regular business hours.

Bidz – 3945-A St-Denis

~ Tyler Yank

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