By Caitlyn Holroyd

It’s a simple fact that summer activities are best enjoyed when there is music to correlate them to. With many great albums being released in the next few months, we recommend that you take the time to plan accordingly.

Scenario: With warmer weather forcing you to fully embrace your womanhood, you reluctantly invest in plenty of shaving cream and a Brazilian wax or two.
Album: CocoRosie, “Grey Oceans.” Out May 11th.

Scenario: The time has come to retire your stove and move the cooking (and the party) outdoors.
Album: MGMT, “Congratulations.” Out April 13th.

Scenario: You’re survival instincts are tested while pitching tent in the great outdoors for a weekend of minimal hygiene, instant coffee, and plenty of bug spray with your BFFs.
Album: Broken Social Scene, “Forgiveness Rock Record.” Out May 4th.

Scenario: Cupboards empty, you embark on an afternoon of perusing farmer’s markets in your very best sundress.
Album: The Apples in Stereo, “Travelers in Time and Space.” Out April 20th.

Scenario: Late night gypsy dress-up party involving copious amounts of liquor and dancing around a fire.
Album: Gogol Bordello, “Trans Continental Hustle.” Out April 27th.

Scenario: You’re in the awkward stage of a road trip after exhausting every avenue of conversation and need to fill the void.
Album: The Dead Weather, “Sea of Cowards.” Out May 11th.