Omg Omg Omg Omg Omg ZZZZomg… have you tried Philly Chocolate? SO GOOD.

You know what you deserve? Breakfast in bed. And this tasty reward (with…ahem…HALF the sugar and calories of the other guys!) is so easy: bread, toaster, spread, enjoy. We think you should get your lover to *surprise* you on a weekend. THEN SURPRISE THEM BACK! Who knows, this little project could add a lotta spark to your relationship! Don’t have a significant other? Treat yourself! Go downstairs, make some heavenly Chocolate Philly toast, brew a cup of tea and walk RIGHT back to your bed with a good book. We do it all the time.

Women all across Canada are eating Philly Chocolate in their bed! Some guys too! Join the movement! Share it with the world! We officially challenge you. See how others are doing the Philly Chocolate breakfast bed party here.

So incredibly delicious. So easy.……sOMG!!!! Don’t just try NEW Chocolate Philly; try it in your bed! 



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