Last weekend, Misfit Studio officially launched with a boisterous bash in their back alley yoga studio off Queen and Euclid. There are a lot of yoga places in this town but we don’t think any offer a class called Asstastic, nor would many host a boozy rager to announce their opening. We approve on both fronts.

Started by yogi rebel Amber Joliat, “Misfit is where yoga’s centering calm gets spiced with a little rock and roll.” Bring it. Yes, they offer all the relaxing and rejuvenating classes you want like Restorative, Yoga Flow and Beginner Pilates but they also crank it up a notch with offerings like Rock ‘n Roll Yoga, Slow ‘n Deep (sounds dirty) and, our fave, Asstastic. Can we hashtag that shit? #Asstastic. Done.

If you go here you will also notice that the teachers kind of look like the people you party with. That’s because they probably are. But that’s kind of Misfit’s philosophy, “Our teachers believe that you can be playful while deepening the connection to your own practice and body.”

If  you were ever intimidated to do yoga because you thought you didn’t quite fit the zen-like ambiance then this may be the studio for you.

Misfit Studio is located at 694B (backalley) Queen West
Schedule and more info here.

~ Jen McNeely | Photos by Becca Lemire