No one does guilt like a grandma, and that’s why WWF has created the ultimate campaign to bring attention to climate change. They’ve rounded up grandmas the world over to remind all of us to put on a sweater and turn down the heat! Watch the hilarious video below, and then slip into one of these awesome Grandma-inspired sweaters, and layer up to make a difference.

Jacquard Sweater, Zara. $19.99 on sale

Roots Line Moosehead Sweater, $149.00

Need Supply Co. Fortuna Sweater, $75.99

Rue Blanche sweater

Funktional Mayan Draped Cardigan, $180.00 at Bicyclette

You can also sign a friend up for a Granny Reminder Call without telling them…watch the video to find out how!

~ Haley Cullingham