Online vintage shop Violet Crown Vintage is now in Canada and will be at the season’s first outdoor Junction Flea

Violet Crown Vintage was launched last year in Texas, but now we lucky bums have it in Canada! The online vintage shop, run by Torontonian Lia Parsley, has a truckload of awesome vintage pieces to share with y’all.

And this Sunday, May 12, at the first outdoor Junction Flea (located at Dundas and Keele) of the season, you can get an in-person taste of what the Etsy shop has to offer. What I love about Violet Crown is that not only is everything iwanttowearthatrightnow cute, but it’s also fairly priced. A ’90s-inspired black and white vest for $21? A colourful cutoff men’s shirt for $19? OKAY YES PLEASE.

Entrance to the Flea is just $2, and you’ll get access to Violet Crown as well as a bunch of other amazing vendors—what a great way to spend an afternoon with Mom!


  1. Ena Ujic
    May 9, 2013

    Tanvi we’ve got to go to the junction flea again. maybe i can buy another typewriter, tea set and/or ALL THE DRESSES.

  2. Tanvi Swar
    May 9, 2013

    Hahaha let’s gooooo

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