Haley and I set out to build our dream fall wardrobe at Winners. We’re giving away a $500 Winners gift card in our Winners Back to School Contest, and we wanted to see just how much shopping you could do with that kind of prize money.

Guys, A LOT! With such amazing prices on brand name fashion, you can go crazy with your haul. At one point, I was pushing two giant carts around, completely blocking the shoe aisle. It was a pretty exciting mission. Do you see that image above? The rack with all the gorgeous blouses, floral printed dresses, coloured denim and cute tops? ALL OF THAT came in just under $500. This is exactly why you need to enter this awesome contest now. 

Not only can you get so much, but we absolutely love the fall fashion trends at Winners. Check out all the cool stuff we pulled yesterday. What do you want most? Good news: it’s so affordable, you don’t have to compromise. 

Printed and coloured denim starting at $19.99

Sweet printed blouses starting at $14.99

School girl dresses starting at $16.99

Suede oxford Menswear-inspired flats at $49.99

Sparkly lace-up sneakers at $29.99

Yep, we are excited for September.

Enter our contest now!