Our Top Five Favourite Street Style Blogs Right Now: Anywho.dk, Stockholm StreetStyle, Stylites, Hel Looks, and Street Peeper

Street style blogs have proliferated from all the ends of the earth ever since The Sartorialist appeared in the blogosphere circa 2005. With the growing demand to see what others are wearing across the globe, I guess the burgeoning crop of blogs in this genre only makes sense, right? (That is, it makes sense according to some basic principle of economics. #memoriesoffirstyeareconomics) 

I get it, though. There’s a certain je ne sais quoi that is inherently captivating about a street style photograph.

It’s the thrill in seeing someone create a proportion or silhouette that you’ve never seen or tried before. It’s the fixation on how someone pairs particular textures and/or colours together. It’s the fascination of seeing someone outwardly expressing themselves in their cultural context in a way you would like to bring back into your own cultural context.  

In essence, I think that certain je ne sais quoi has to do with our connection to someone’s manner of external self-expression or “style—that certain something, that seamless interface between the self and the outside world.” 

Without further ado, here’s our top five street style blogs right now (aside from Style Scout shot by fellow SheDoesTheCity-er Becca Lemire – which is a given!): 

1) Anywho.dk(Denmark) *street style photos are found in the categories of STALKING and LOOK OF THE DAY

2) Stockholm StreetStyle (Stockholm, Sweden)

3) Stylites(China)

4) Hel Looks (Helsinki, Finland)

5) Street Peeper (Worldwide) 

~Charmaine Li 

(Images courtesy of the blogs listed above in their respective order.) 

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