By: Ashley Bartlett
Photos: Alana Seldon

On an unusually mild November evening, Holts shut down its stretch of Bloor Street, and for good reason: Macy Gray and the Empress of Soul, Patti La Belle performed in celebration of the unveiling of the magnificent holiday displays.

Hosted by Entertainment Tonight Canada, the night began with a short performance by the eccentric Macy Gray, whose sexy deep sound eerily resembles Marge Simpsons smokin’ sisters. After she warmed up the crowd, out came Patti in a pink silk Michael Boris number and nude Christian Louboutin pumps. Sick to death of sugary sweet popstars, Patti reminded me of what a vocalist ought to be; hutspa with gravy versus candy coloured sprinkles. After a melodic shout out to Obama [who was voted in President elect just hours before], street crowds, the notorious Holts door man, IT guys lost in the shuffle and a strong contingency of gleeful botox eyes collectively counted down; 10,9,8,7…- truly momentous. Alas, the red curtains come down and we were met with a dreamscape of golden holiday nostalgia and to-die-for ensembles from Prada, Gucci, and Chanel, all encased in six crystal clear windows. If only we were millionaires – *sigh*.Oh well – at the very least we can stroll on down to Bay and Bloor and dream a little. And hey, we have about a month to put to rest our shameless table dancing, bed-hopping, party girl behaviour… even if only in time for the jolly big guy to check his list. Here’s to hoping we all wake up in studded Louboutins.