Philip Sparks first unisex collection felt like a stroll through an ivy league campus, circa springtime, circa a rainy day. He’s been around since 2007, but after making a name for himself with men’s wear, this is his first time including something for the girls. No easy task, a woman’s body is a very different canvas than a man’s; there are things to take into account physically (read: cleavage) and characteristically (read, in this case: a playful elegance).

But there is one quality that applies to both sexes, which Sparks has already mastered in menswear, and that’s immaculate tailoring.

The collection was a preppy style guide to an April shower – while helping us escape the October torrent outside. Think collared dresses with an A-line skirts and a swoonworthy cherry blossom photo print, with a dusting of blue shadow around the eyes. Despite the rainy day theme, there was only one raincoat (a technicality!) but the boys wore crisp shirts with dark plaid blazers. Oxford shoes and collars all around, I’m not going to apologize for making the stock comparison to Ryan O’Neill (i.e. “Preppy”) in Love Story. (But love means never having to say you’re sorry, hahahah)

Erm, anyways. If anything, the breezy, watery spring collection made us excited for the things to come, it seems Mr. Sparks is just getting things started.

–By Elli Stuhler