SDTC’s guide to this week’s pop cultural moments, be they inspirational or debilitating.
By Zoe Shapiro
Weeds:After 2 seasons of cocaine and Mexico, Nancy and her crew are back to what they know best; dysfunction and Mary Jane. Check out the season 6 premiere of the fabulous series Monday night on Showcase.

Jimmy Fallon:Everyone has been talking about the flight attendant who quit over the plane’s PA system, told the passengers to f-off, inflated the emergency slide and slid away to his car. Jimmy Fallon sang an ode to this fine professional and the ethics he has inspired in all of us.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: Calling all the comic book nerds! The indie cred crowd! The Torontophiles! Check out this genre mixing mad cap film set in Toronto. If you didn’t see it this past weekend, you have to do so this week. Scott must battle 7 evil exes to get with his gal, so be prepared for the who’s who of hilarious young Hollywood.

Kanye West: Since picking on a little girl on live TV, Kanye’s laid pretty low. Now he’s back, with as much attitude as ever. Check out his new video for lead single ‘Power’, a strange and hypnotic Egyptian Sistine Chapel come to life.

Ellen on SYTYCD: last Thursday saw a deserving dancer take the season 7 crown, but why would anyone be talking about that when Ellen Degeneres showed up to bust a move with tWitch in homage to Alex Wong, the exceptional contestant who was eliminated due to an injury early on?