It’s musical pop this week!

New JLo Single – Ahh, good ole Jenny from the Block. Let’s assess this rationally. Pros: she’s hot. That one Steven Sodebergh movie that time.  Not Paula Abdul on Idol. Cons: Bennifer. That one Kevin Smith movie that time. Not Paula Abdul on Idol. So really, it’s an even split down the middle. May I now present Exhibit A, her new single. Is it bad? Good? Or sooooo bad it’s good? It does sound a bit like a House party on a Greek island in 1996 but really, is that a bad thing? I can’t decide if it makes me want to gag and cue up so pop-destroying ROCK or swill a Smirnoff ice (retro!) and boogie like a muppet…

New Adele Video – Ahhh, a palate cleanser. The amazingness that is Adele is back. The new song is beautiful and winsome. A few months back we got a sneaky listen and a sneak peak of some studio footage of Rolling in the Deep (seriously; charming becomes uber charming in black and white). Now the music video is out.

New Kesha Track – I HATE Kesha. I hate her talking to a beat and calling it singing. I hate her garbage bag chic aesthetic. I hate that her bad music is top of the charts. I hate her face. (Ok, maybe I need to take it down a notch) But on Sleazy Andre 3000’s cool is contagious and I find myself not hating this song at all. Touché Kesha, touché.

New YouTube Obsession – So cute you can barely keep your uterus from falling out. End of. Listen to her ask “one day, i’m gonna whistle?” and the 1:48 mark and melt. Plus it’s a great track.

New She and Him Video – Like everything else that Zooey Deschannel touches, this new video for Don’t Look Back is kooky cool and awesomely retro.