It Gets Better. We all watched the videos that comprised the It Gets Better Project. The stories of coming out, bullying and LGBT identity made a huge mark on public consciousness after the spate of teen suicides that happened last year. Now in book form, the project’s founder Dan Savage has edited essays and stories by President Obama, Ellen DeGeneres and David Sedaris just to name a few. On shelves March 22.

Mildred Pierce: The new miniseries based on Cain’s revered novel premieres this Sunday 27th on HBO Canada. Kate Winslet starts as the titular character who carves out a life for herself and her showboating daughter (played by Evan Rachel Wood) despite being single and faced with the challenges of the Depression. Expect accolades for the performances.

TV on the Radio: You’ll have to wait until April 12th for the new record from the Brooklyn group but you can head here to listen to the new single Caffeinated Consciousness while you wait. Or, check out the video for Will Do here. It’s a mash up of sensual skin shots, filtered light, robotics and Joy Bryant. Enjoy.

Top Chef Finale: The first All Stars season of the cooking show concludes on Wednesday. Will it be molecular gastro genius Richard, last gal standing Antonia or the unappealing but on a hot streak Mike Isabella? Aside from bragging rights and $200K the winner apparently will score a spot on the second edition of Top Chef Masters. Not too shabby.

Dancing With the Stars returns: DWTS is back for its bazillionth season. This show really caters to all types; pageant costume fans, Kirstie Alley fans, thinly veiled innuendo fans…. You get the idea. Check it out Monday nights for performances and Tuesdays to see who gets the boot. Or the jazz shoe as the case may be.

-Zoe Shapiro, @twirly1804