By Zoe Shapiro
1. Katy Perry and Elmo duke it out. Round 1 saw Katy filming a muppet-friendly version of Hot and Cold and Sesame Street posting it to Youtube. After parents complained that Katy Perry had both boobs and leg in a way that made them uncomfortable, the Street KO-ed the singer, saying they wouldn’t be airing the clip, relegating it to viral fame only. (Russell Brand tweeted that today Sesame Street would NOT be brought to you by the number 38 or letter D). Then Perry took em to town in a rematch as the SNL musical guest this weekend. Are you team Elmo or team Perry? Check out both versions:

2. The Good Wife Returns. The smart and sassy legal show returns on Tuesday night. Will Alicia stay with her cheating husband as he runs for re-election or will she finally get with old flame/new boss Will? And is Kalina gay? Straight? A deserving Emmy winner? (Yes!) Plus all the weekly cases of this procedural are actually interesting.

3. CH-Check it out. I hate inane lyrics, but Video Killed the Radio Star has had a soft spot since I watched Empire Records and wanted to grow up to be naked in an orange apron. Nicki Minaj and’s new single Check It Out samples the tune and is currently corroding my resistance to bad bad music….

4. Beauty and the Beast on DVD. Confession: If I can’t sleep, I’ll watch a Disney classic. There’s nothing as soothing as puppy-nappers or Grandmother Willow. I can’t even tell you how foxy Robin Hood is/was/will always be to me. So I’m kinda excited about the remastered rerelease of Beauty and the Beast on DVD. Think of this tale as old as time as a nonpharmacological ambian with bonus cuteness thrown in.

5. The Social Network. I’m looking forwad to checking out the Facebook movie, out Friday. Even without the Sorkin/Lynch cred, I need an actual excuse/explanation as to why Justin Timberlake hasn’t put out a CD since I was getting Sexyback in Greece at 21. This better be good, Timberlake. Oh, and the whole ‘Facebook phenom’ is kinda relevant too….