There comes a crucial time in many friendships when you are asked: “My band is having a show. You’re coming, right?”

This is a true defining moment. Do you show your support, without knowing their repertoire? What if it turns out to be a soft rock nightmare, only salvageable by liters of straight vodka? Do you make a lame and obvious excuse, and duck out with as little guilt as possible? Or do you simply refer them to this song? No matter what, it’s bound to be awkward.

I was faced with such a conundrum last night when I attended a Prisoners show at the Biltmore. The bassist assured me that the band didn’t suck, and I was inclined to believe him due to his exceptional taste in music. I hadn’t seen a show by someone I knew personally since my high school days of attending community centre metal shows. Those, by default, sucked. So how would I find this experience?

Good. Very, very good. The audience pushed up to the front as soon as they hit the stage, and danced the whole show through. There were plenty of upbeat tunes for the energetic crowd, but also some mellower ones for those of us on the 17th hour of our day. It was easily accessible to the average listener while complex enough for those with a discerning ear. All in all, Prisoners is some seriously solid indie rock. I would happily see them again, with or without the band connection.

By Meghan Roberts