Has your beauty routine languished during quarantine? It’s hard to feel motivated to look our best when the highlight of our social calendar is chatting to someone from across the street. But routines, especially ones that involve self care, can do wonders for our mental health.
Toronto-based Province Apothecary recently announced a limited edition of at-home facial kits, which we think is a lovely pick-me-up, after an extremely tense and frightening spring in isolation. “We really miss seeing our clients for facials and wanted to help them keep a facial routine, and thought an at-home facial kit would be the best way to do that,” says founder and CEO Julie Clark. 
Before COVID, booking a facial at Province Apothecary was so in-demand, that you had to schedule weeks (sometimes months) in advance. Realizing that it may be a long time before they can re-open with business as usual, they’ve recently made the move to offer virtual appointments. “We were hearing from our clients that they were experiencing some skincare issues due to the additional stress right now and wanted to connect with their skincare therapists,” says Clark. “We are also offering a virtual product recommendation consult and a 1st-time client consult and we will blend them a custom serum.”
Clark is a big believer in daily rituals, knowing that the benefits run deep. “I personally love massaging my face every day. It makes my skin feel so soft and really helps to wake up my face, smooth fine lines, open up my eyes and calm my nervous system.” 
If you’re not sure where to start, she’s created a video to share the techniques from the beloved Province Apothecary Natural Facelift Massage. Watching it alone feels relaxing.