Have you shopped at I <3 Tyler Madison? Their body con trousers and slick tailoring are every woman’s dream. But more importantly, the animal-friendly brand gets its name from the designer’s rescue dogs, Tyler and Madison, and donates a portion of all proceeds to SPCA branches across North America.

On the heels of their fall/winter launch, we got a chance to speak with sisters and founders of the unique brand, Jacqueline Harris and Charna Zucker.

What do you love most about running your own business? 

J+C: We love the freedom to create items that we feel strongly about, and the ability to control our own destiny all while supporting causes that are close to our heart.

What do you find the most challenging?

J+C: Keeping up with the incredibly fast paced, disposable clothing world.  So many “fast fashion” brands pop out new pants every three days that are $12, it makes it hard to compete.

What does your typical Thursday look like for you, from waking up to crawling into bed? 

J:  Walking my dog, Maddie, is the first thing I do. Both my dog and I go off to work and I always start my day with my emails; Maddie starts the day by harassing everyone at work for their breakfast.  What’s great about the fashion industry is that no two days are the same; there is no monotony. One afternoon we can be sourcing fabric and the next we can be in production meetings or flying to meet customers.

C: My days used to be exactly like Jacqueline’s. Now I have twin baby girls, so, life has become a lot more hectic. Tyler used to come to work with me but he now stays at home to watch over my girls, it’s amazing how he has become their protector and his reward is catching all of their food that didn’t make it into their mouths.  But in all seriousness, Jacqueline is right, there is no day that is the same and that’s part of what makes this business so exciting.  Constant change, innovation, creation and watching the creation take shape – and being proud!

Who is the I <3 Tyler Madison woman? What’s she like? What does she do for fun? 

J+C: She is definitely confident and we hope she feels more secure about her body while wearing our pants. She is kind. She cares about the environment and others. She tries to be a good human being. She works hard and enjoys social outings. Basically, a well-rounded person who also knows the value of a dollar.

What role have animals played in your lives, and in your business? 

J+C: They have played a vital role in everything we do!

J: My dog keeps me grounded to what matters in this world. Saving her life humbled me. She reminds me every day to be kind and make some sort of a difference.

C: I grew up with dogs, for as long as I can remember, I have had a family pet. I was taught to always support the underdog. Tyler and Madison propel us to another level both personally and professionally, always striving to be better all while keeping us grounded and honest!

Which pieces in the collection are you OBSESSED with right now?

J+C: EVERYTHING! We can’t wait for fall so we can wear our amazing Ponte pants in khaki with vegan leather detailing on the side. LOVE! The houndstooth in the skirt or pants is also a MUST!

What’s it like working with your sister? Can you describe the process/workflow? 

J: We are so different it’s a nice balance. Charna is the business savvy woman while I’m more creative freethinker.

What do you love most about fall fashion? 

J+C: The comfort of it; it’s getting cold outside, but you can layer up in fun tops and awesome pants. I love the thick, cozy fabrics we offer. I especially love the colours. I love our dark greens, purples and rich browns this season. When I paint my nails crimson red, and pull out our brown waxed pants you know fall has arrived!