The bleary pastel sex appeal of 1970’s LA has always captured our imagination. So has bad-ass bitch leather, blood-red lips, and dirty hair perpetually in your eyes. This Spring, our wardrobe is swinging like a pendulum between trenched-out floral bliss, and this look, more inspired by The Runaways. You’re only young enough to wear leather pants once. Bring on the eyeliner.

1. Mulberry Fringed Leather Jacket
2. Koolter Denim Jeans
3. Hot Topic David Bowie/Labyrinth tee
4. Brian Atwood Loca Stud Suede Platform Pumps
5. Whittington Boots
6. American Apparel High-Waist Hot Short
7. Obesity and Speed Black Shredded Cobweb Tee