QUIZ: Are You A Bonafide Fashion Addict?

Sweet love story, hilarious characters, and a costume wardrobe that captures the imagination: After The Ball is the cutest fashion fairytale! Aaaand, it’s now available on VOD and DVD as of June 23rd! If you’re looking for some light and fun entertainment, it’s the perfect flick for fashion lovers of all ages. Which brings us to this very important quiz: what kind of fashion addict are you? STOP EVERYTHING, you need to know.

You say you shop local, but how many Canadian designers can you name?

A. More than 10?

B. 5-7

C: Maybe 3?

How well do you know your fashion editors?

A. FLARE, VOGUE, Fashion Magazine, Nylon, Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE: I could tell you the name of every EIC in that list.

B. I can name, um, 3.

C. That lady with the oversized sunglasses and blunt bob? They made a film about her?

You’re invited to a garden party, what are you going to wear?

A. I have 4 options that would be perfect!

B. Finally, an occasion for this 1970s maxi dress I scored at the clothing swap.

C. Idunno, probs my orange dress.

In your spare time you:

A. Rhinestone your shoes with a hot glue gun. DIY all the way, baby!

B. Watch Project Runway and ANTM reruns while eating chips.

C. Scan #OOTD selfies on Instagram.

Your dream job would be:

A. A fashion editor, designer or wardrobe stylist for films.

B. Work in marketing or PR that allows me to help promote cool fashion companies / and talent.

C. I appreciate the fashion biz, but working in the industry seems a hella stressful.

Your Instagram looks like:

A. #ootd, #FWIS, #fashionblogger, #fashionaddict, #fashion, #style, #workstyle

B. Mostly brunch, dogs and the odd #ootd.

C. I like and comment more than I post.

You’re having the worst hair day of 2015, you:

A. Run over to the nearest blow dry bar and plead to be squeezed in without an appointment.

B. Cancel all your plans and order a pizza; NOBODY can see you today.

C. Put a hat on it! This is exactly why you have a sweet of collection of vintage fedoras.

Your fashion icon is:

A. The likes of Daphne Guinness, Kate Moss and Grace Kelly; I’m drawn to strong women who set trends and push boundaries.

B. Sophia Lauren and Audrey Hepburn. I’m all about classic, timeless beauties!

C. I guess I liked what Jennifer Lawrence wore to the Oscars. Does that count?

Time to get real; what’s your ultimate IT-BAG?

A. Anything by Alexander McQueen or Alexander Wang. The slick lines and bulky hardware are EVERYTHING.

B. It doesn’t get any better than a Birkin. A girl can dream…

C. A leather backpack I found for $12 at a second hand store that fits my laptop.

Mostly As: Total fashion addict. You start the day by opening your Coveteur e-blast, scanning Refinery 29 and checking out new pics on a dozen of your favourite street style photo blogs. You hit designer sales the way others buy groceries, and you’re friends rely on you as their go-to for emergency style advice. If you don’t work in the industry, the industry looks to you for inspiration.

Mostly Bs: You’re a trendsetter with great style, but fashion isn’t your life. You know what’s up, but don’t feel the need to share it on your fashioncentric tumblr. You mix big box with vintage, local boutiques with online, but skip the sample sales. You often get noticed for your killer shoes.

Mostly Cs: You like fashion and enjoy window shopping, but it doesn’t dictate your social life. Checking out style blogs is fun, but being featured on them isn’t your goal. Forget the frill; you’re more comfy in cutoffs, v-neck and simple sandals. You may not have shoes overflowing from your closet, but you’ll admit that watching a fun fashion flick (ahem, like After The Ball) is like raiding a candy bar: exciting, sweet and irresistible.

After The Ball is available on VOD now and on DVD as of June 23rd. Enter to win a copy by tweeting: “Dear @Shedoesthecity, I’m a fashion addict who loves a fun romcom, please send me a copy of @AfterTheBall1″ #FairytaleFashion

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