Reversible Pillow

by Rina Grosman
Does your style change with your mood? Sometimes leaning towards legally blonde flirtatious pink and at others serious Harvard graduate grey. I tend to change my surroundings according to my mood and these reversible pillows make it super simple to redecorate on a whim.

Pillow forms
Invisible zipper
Contrasting fabric
Zipper foot

Step 1: Cut both your fabric and contrasting fabric into squares measuring the length and width of your pillow form, plus seam allowance. For the 26”x26” pillow form it would be: 26” + 2x 5/8”= 28.5”. Finish all of the edges with either a zig zag or serge stitch.

Step 2: Open zipper and place the right side (no teeth) against the right side of your fabric, next to the edge (teeth on the inside, zipper tape against the edge). Make sure to centre the zipper along the edge. Pin in place.

Step 3: Change presser foot to a zipper foot on the sewing machine. If your teeth are on the right make sure the presser foot is on the left side of the needle and vise versa. Always start from the top of your zipper and never from the stopper/bottom. When sewing on your zipper unroll the teeth and sew as close to the groove as possible. The closer you can get the more invisible it will be. Back stitch when you get approximately 1/2” away from the end of the zipper, or can’t sew straight anymore. Repeat with other side of zipper.

Step 4: Close zipper halfway and pin the together the edges of the two pieces of fabric. From where you ended stitching the bottom of your zipper measure .5cm down and .5cm away from this point (this will leave a small gap between the zipper and seam) start sewing, from this point, all around the pillow, leaving seam allowance and pivoting around the corners. When you get to the top of the zipper, finish by ending your seam where the zipper begins.

Step 5: Clip the corners diagonally and finish. Turn right side out and poke out corners. Stuff in the pillow form and let the schizophrenic decorating begin.

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