Safe Sex in the City Pillow

by Dilys Tong
Sew Be It Studio

There is more to being single and fabulous than having a closet full of sky high pumps and little black dresses. Nothing is more important than safe sex. Over the course of my dating escapades, I’ve realized that you can’t depend on men to be sensible with certain things – carrying a condom on him – or even something as simple as taking it out of his wallet when the time comes. And so, I’ve decided to make it a little bit easier for us girls by incorporating safe sex into home décor. Voila! A smart looking pillow with a top secret pocket to hold a Trojan (or two) for that oh so sexy encounter.

What you need:
1 M of upholstery fabric such as velour, denim.
1 piece of red felt approximately 12” by 9”
1 piece of green felt approximately 12” by 9”
Thick hand sewing thread in red and beige or embroidery thread (you can always use a different color if you like)
Heat and bond – it’s like double sided tape for fabric appliqué. You can purchase it at most fabric or craft stores.
Sewing machine
Hand sewing needle, scissors, pins
1 16” by 16” pillow form

Pillow – a square 17” by 17”

Cherry stem

Pillow – cut 2 in your fabric
Cherry – cut 2 each cherry in red felt
Cherry stem – cut 1 in green felt


Step 1: Apply the heat and bond to the cherry and cherry stem
Follow the directions of the heat and bond package, apply the heat and bond to he back of one of the cherries and to the stem.
ONLY ONE CHERRY GETS THE HEAT AND BOND, the other cherry is the secret pocket for the condom, so no heat and bond for that one!!!

Step 2: Bond cherry stem to the pillow fabric with iron
Place the stem on the pillow surface as you see fit, try not to place it too close to the edge.

Step 3: Bond the first cherry to the pillow
Place the cherry just a little on top of the bottom of the stem

Step 4: Stitch the other cherry to the pillow
Since this is the secret pocket, make sure you leave an opening.

Hand-stitch the cherry to the pillow, stitching around the cherry.

This will also be used as a decorative stitch as well
To help keep the pocket a secret, hand stitch around the opening edge (just don’t stitch it shut)

Step 5: Hand stitch around the cherry and the stem to keep the decorative stitch look

Step 6: Hand sew the snap to the opening to keep the condom from falling out

Step 7: Stitch the pillow together
With the right sides together, stitch the pillow together, leaving an opening at the bottom.

Step 8: Turn the pillow right side out, and insert the pillow form.

Step 9: Close up the opening by hand stitching

You are done and just so you know, I took it for a test drive, and it’s fantastic!

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  1. Anonymous
    December 15, 2008

    Can we use it to fuck?

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