Dear Sasquatch: Yesterday, you managed to scheme your way into my wallet and burgle from me many fine American dollars to pay for your $9 tall cans. But that was yesterday, and today is not that day. Today, we wrap PBRs in a Peruvian blanket and pull off the first of many Sasquatch Schemes. Schemesquatch 2010. Ours was probably the least creative of all the smuggles – I’m giving the gold medal to the girls who put vodka in ziploc bags and stuffed them in their bras. 

We start out the day with an album-perfect show from Caribou on the mainstage. Next, Midlake‘s dreamy folk is the perfect backdrop for Gorge-gazing in the afternoon. Afterwards, we post up on a blanket to scoop avocado up with olive sourdough bread during the The Tallest Man On Earth.

After waiting in line for what felt like three hours to Love a Latte, we hightailed it back to Kid Cudi, who took the stage with a giant stoney grin. Puppet-mastering the shit out of the crowd, who were loving every minute, he had hands in the air and the whole Gorge singing along-and digging the new stuff as much as the old. 

AND NOW WE DANCE! When your most popular song is written about the best party to ever not happen, it’s a pretty solid achievement if your live show surpasses even that collective pop culture pipe dream (well, almost). After pushing our way into the dance pit, James Murphy and the LCD Soundsystem crew take the stage, and the day. Mr. Murphy, we, the sweaty, drunk masses, salute you. 

Caribou on the main stage

Doing some fine picnicking during Tallest Man On Earth

Getting stoked for LCD Soundsystem

But not as stoked as this dude.

James Murphy doin’ his thing

LCD Soundsystem

LCD Soundsystem