Scarf Project

So after seeing those crazy cool scarves at the one of a kind show I was inspired to do some of my own. With a twist. I’m a huge supporter of the feather trend and try to find an excuse to include them in as many projects as possible AND an even bigger fan of the scarf phenomenon (bring on the neck gear!)…so here they are together at last!

Silk Chiffon, Yarn, ribbon
Peacock feathers
Trace away, pins, thread

Step 1: Lay out the fabric flat and place your yarn, ribbon, and feathers in desired pattern (play around with this until you are happy).

Step 2: Place clear trace away sheets (cut into pieces matching shapes of design) on top of pattern and pin down to secure. Be careful when pinning because the materials will shift around very easily.

Step 3: Stitch on top of trace away, permanently attaching the design to the scarf. Do lots of stitches to ensure that everything is attached. You can also do decorative stitches in different coloured thread to add to the design.

Step 4: Once everything is sewn down, bring scarf to the sink and submerge in water. This will dissolve the trace away paper leaving just your pattern of feathers and yarns sewn onto the scarf.

Step 5: Lay the scarf out flat on a towel to dry.

Strut your stuff in your new gawk worthy art scarf!

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