Recently, I’ve decided that I should probably, like, date people. Urgh. I’ve even created (ew, confession) an online dating site profile, and I actually responded to a few messages. Gang, it’s just that when it gets nippy out, all of a sudden I want to watch movies and cuddle and drink wine on my sofa with someone, even though I don’t really have time to do these things and I probably don’t want to be a ‘girlfriend’. Anyway, my main problem with dating is that I always talk too much and eat too fast and I suggest super-lame date locations like Indian food (curry breath) or Bifteck (19 year olds) or Dieu du ciel (I can’t drink beer) and well, this is why I’ve been single since time immemorial.

Tucked into the corner of Roy and du Bullion sits Else’s, possibly the cutest, most date-appropriate bar in Montreal, saving the lives of girls like me since the early 1990s. Else’s was introduced to me by a guy friend who absolutely swears by it on all occasions, mainly for its elaborate scotch selection. The bar’s huge windows overlook quiet Plateau sidewalks, and the dozens of flickering table-top candles actually create a perfect, not-too-loud-but-not-too-quiet date environment. Most importantly, the drink menu happens to be quite extensive, consisting of brandies, scotches, several beer options (boy date-drinks), wines, ciders and unique cocktails (girl date-drinks). In addition, Else’s serves delicious, low-key and perfect-for-sharing appetizers including spicy samosas, hummus and pita bread, various dips, nachos and more.

The ambiance is also enhanced by unique, colourful paintings and checkerboard patterns on each table top. Oh, and the ceiling fan blades are actually old wooden skateboards. You bet. Cute plants are stacked on windowsills, the waitresses are friendly, background music is always excellent and the service is quick even on busy evenings. Hopefully, bad dates will (all fingers and appendages crossed) now be a thing of the past.

156 Roy East

~ Tyler Yank
Photo: Teak for Two on Flickr