While living in Montreal, and way before stores like H&M came to Canada, Simons was always our go-to for fashion, be it Saturday night accessories or classic wardrobe staples. That was over a decade ago, but Simons still plays a role in our lives; unlike most Canadian retailers, they have kickass online shopping and on a very user-friendly site. Further, we’ve recently discovered that there is a whole lot more than apparel to browse through. Funkier than HomeSense and better value than The Bay, we love the colourful and fun home decor offerings on simons.ca.

A quick fix for memorable entertaining? Trying to zen out your living room? Seriously, how long have you needed new curtains? Would a fresh couette (sexy French term for duvet…er…we thought that already was French?) vastly improve your love life? DREAM BIG without squandering your money. 

Here are some items that caught our eye:

1. Vibrant Check Tablecloth
How much does this make you want to pack a gourmet picnic? DO IT. Starting at $18.00!

2. Cupcake Vinyl Tablecloth
And now you have a reason to host that cupcake party you’ve always dreamt of. $7.99! BUY IT IMMEDIATEMENT!

3. Yummy Cupcake Accessories
Why on earth would you stop with a tablecloth when you can dress up in a complete cupcake getup? Starting at $5; that’s cheaper than the ingredients!

4. Floral Bloom Vinyl Tablecloth
Oooh, what flowers will you cut to match this retro table dressing? We’re thinking lilacs. $7.99!! Buy it as a birthday gift and don’t tell them how much you spent.

5. Starry Dot Tablecloth
How good would a jug of freshly squeezed orange juice look on this colourful pattern. BRUNCH AT YOURS! $14.99. Get it. Maintenant!

6. Set of two Shantung Textured Curtains 56 x 86
We love lying in bed naked, watching a soft breeze billow perfectly tinted curtains as we listen to birds chirp and slither around.STOP SAYING “I NEED NEW CURTAINS… I NEED NEW CURTAINS!” $75.00 and your room is transformed!

7. Spaghettini White Pearl Curtain 100 x 214
Hampton living, we think.  $20! We kid you not!

8. La Couette Duvetine Synthetique Moelleuse
A fresh new comforter just makes life better. Sweet dreams, honey. Hotel bedding 4life.Starting at $100! Don’t sleep on it. Just get it.