By Annie Webber

Stella McCartney. Vegetarian extraordinaire, rock star progeny we can more than just tolerate – we love! – and design hero of the fashionista and athlete alike. This woman certainly can, and does, do it all.

It Girl-hopefuls ogle and swoon over her demure cuts, soft colours and organic materials mixed with modern shapes and a good dose of whimsy. Down here in the bourgeoisie, we’ve glimpsed her glory on the racks of H&M and Target. Now the glamour is geared at the GapKiddies.

GapKids and babyGap launched the Stella McCartney collection at select stores recently, with the likes of little chambray jackets, yellow rain slickers and fluffety-puffety pink tutus, scooping up the little ones and dropping them smack-dab in the middle of foggy Londontown. And not exhausted-after-8-hours-of-this-damn-double-decker-with-no-stroller-and-seriously-over-priced-apple-juice Londontown. It’s that mystical place of charming accents made even more charming by the little children who speak them, with rainy cobblestone streets, cups of sweet milky tea, Paddington Bear, Beatrix Potter, Charles Dickens – whatever it is that goes on over there. Little woolen peacoats, pink hooded jackets, leopard print shirt-dresses, and piles and piles of basics in your standard grey, black, denim. So classic. So McCartney.

Man, I wish I were five years old…