By Samantha Evans

Winter is a cold and treacherous mistress but our long lost lover has almost arrived… spring! Finally, you can escape the localized sweat stains of the runner ahead of you at the gym! The time has come to tie on your sneaks and hit the pavement. And what better way to greet spring than with revamped gear? For those who like a little flair with their fitness, Fila’s Summer ‘09 line has plenty to choose from. The new F-Tech rating system quickly leads you to products that were designed with your needs in mind whether that means resistance against rain or a secret storage coin depot for your post-run latté. One of my favs is the Viento jacket. Boasting an F:3 rating, it’s the perfect duet of form and function!

Every fashionista knows that an outfit starts from bottom up. With that in mind, check out Brooks’ selection of sleek yet sensible runners. While the vibrant colours will get your heart pumping, Brooks wins the race with biodegradable BioMoGo, midsoles purposely unpatented to encourage widespread use! Further, if you by your gear this April at the Running Room, for every purchase over $150, donations will be made to children’s charity Kidsfest. Pair your conscientious shoes with an Easy tee that keeps the sweat off your back on and off the court and you’ll be shouting Love, Love in no time.

Wanna sprint to the front of the fitness pack? Look no further than Moving Comfort’s line of high impact sports bras and tanks that promise the comfort and support your girls desperately need as you bounce along to Britney and Lady GaGa. Designed by women who also survived the humiliation that occurs when puberty meets gym class, the bras and tank tops are sized by cup and band width for the ultimate fit: Adjustable straps! Bra-like closures! Encapsulated cups! Flattering, functional styles for the busty or boyish! Call Indiana Jones– I think I’ve found the Holy Grail.

At this rate we may actually enjoy working out more than mocking Paris’ parade of new BFFs… Okay, maybe that’s a stretch. But damn, will we look good doing it. Now that’s hot.