Carving your initials on a tree is for summertime. So what’s a romantic/woman passionately in love with her BFF to do? Embroider it, of course! You need the most basic of basic sewing skills for this, and with a little practice anyone can make it. What a cute wedding gift or friendiversary present! Have at it.


  • embroidery hoop
  • scissors
  • three colours of embroidery floss
  • erasable/fast-fade marker
  • craft needles
  • two small pieces of fabric

diy embroidery supplies


  1. Place fabric in your embroidery hoop and pull tightly
  2. Using your erasable marker, write out your message
  3. Cut a piece of embroidery floss about 10 inches and separate, you’ll be using 3 strands of string.
  4. Put the beginning of the thread through your needle, make a small double knot at the end of the other piece of your thread
  5. Follow the message that you wrote using the split stitch found here –
  6. When you’re done with one colour, look at the back of your hoop and pull your needle through some of the back stitches to secure. Cut tail.
  7. When you’re finished your message, cut the extra fabric from around the hoop leaving about 3/4 of an inch left
    measure your hoop on another piece of fabric using your erasable marker, and cut about 1 cm inside the line
    stitch this piece of fabric onto the back of your hoop to finish your project!

diy embroidery

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