Cy's First Day of School

Last night i went to bed with a pit in my stomach. By the morning, that pit had grown into a tree of guilt bearing massive fruit of anxiety. This morning was Cy’s first day at daycare (from herein referred to as ‘school’). And it brought with it painful flashbacks of my very own: my… Read More »

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Getting away for a Staycation at the Soho Met on Wellington is the perfect solution to Mom Separation Anxiety

The funny thing about romantic vacations is that I spend months impatiently getting excited about the prospect of spending quality time with my husband while getting a break from Cy, and then the moment I’m gone, I miss him like crazy. That being said, when my husband and I were offered a complimentary staycation as part… Read More »

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The Things Grandmas Do For Their Grandsons

Grandmas jump in puddles and get their shoes wet. They splash around in mud just because it’s fun. They do laps in a toy Audi around the park in the rain. They slide down wet sides and climb dirty jungle gyms. They spend hours sifting through sandboxes, and get sand in their shoes, and probably… Read More »

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The Easter Bunny Comes to Those Who Wait 

And I’ve been waiting A LONG time.Like, 32 years, to be exact. Yes, I’ve never done an easter egg hunt. Believe it. Thanks to my fanatically religious grandma, I spent my childhood easters in church, getting amateurly-decorated eggs blessed and sins forgiven. Not hopping around my backyard looking for chocolate. But I am not sure… Read More »

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Cy turns 2!

Despite the thunderstorms and overcast weather, Cy’s 2nd birthday party was an all around success!  Of course, of all the days for Cy to be grumpy, it had to be his birthday. I mean – who’s grumpy on their bday? For a generally very happy and agreeable kid he sure has a bad sense of… Read More »

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