On Being a Canadian Tuxedo & Classic Rock #Stylegasm at Stay Golden: A Shedoesthecity Classic Rock Dance Mess this Saturday at The Gladstone Hotel

There’s bad bad and there’s good-bad and there’s gawd that’s so good it’s bad OR gawd that’s so bad its good. This Saturday we’ll all be attempting to wear our favourite classic rock duds, or an all-out Canadian Tuxedo, while still maintaining hotness and possibly even being a stylegasm on the dance floor at Stay… Read More »

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Chloe Comme Parris lets us relive our angst-ridden teen years in style. Welcome to the quiet rebellion.

Photos by George Pimentel courtesy of WireImage I arrived early for my first day at LG Fashion Week at Exhibition Place. An odd location at first became appealing once I unexpectedly found comfort in the nearby Riding Academy at the Horse Palace. Slightly intimidated by fashion’s five-pm fiercest, I headed to the horse-friendly building to… Read More »

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Hit The Road with Doc Marten's Vintage 1460

Chloe Khaki Jeans Temple Back Strap Tank Top  Astrid Goldfish-Ribbon Panama Hat J. Crew Luggage Lorus Square Dial Women’s Watch  Hailing from a factory in the land of pioneering rock radio, Doc Marten’s Vintage 1460 is, like some of rock’s finest, Made In England. Waterproof and tough as nails, there’s nothing these boots can’t handle-including… Read More »

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Chloe: Style Over Substance

by Zoe Shapiro Atom Egoyan knows Toronto and he knows sexy. ‘Chloe’ is a visual stunner, and emotionally engaging, but the whole movie might be less than the sum of its parts. ‘Chloe’ follows the groomed and gorgeous Julianne Moore as a Yorkville ObGyn who suspects her music professor husband (Liam Neeson) of cheating. She… Read More »

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