My Top Toronto: A Love Letter to the City

It is no secret that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I believe this well-worn idiom applies as equally to places as it does to people. After living in Berlin since October, I recently returned to the Big Smoke/Hogtow/Torann/T-raBonks for a couple of weeks and, despite the capital-N NASTAY weather, I was instantly reminded… Read More »

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Get BUMP’d: Laugh the week away with BUMP comedy show at The Common!

A fab group of hilarious peeps (including Shedoesthecity‘s very own Grown-Ass WomanMonica Heisey and always-on-time contributor Shauna Wootton) are joining forces at The Common (1071 College St.) tomorrow night to bring you a cabaret of laughter, and tears, and laughter to the point of tears. This troupe of comedic heavy hitters will be taking the stage by storm for BUMP at 9pm tomorrow, Friday July… Read More »

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Date Night: A Female-Friendly Laugh Fest

by Zoe Shapiro Why is it that a comedic film’s target audience is almost always the beer swilling fratboy? Newsflash Hollywood; I wear 5 inch heels, will drink mojitos after a successful brazilian, and I too like to giggle. It’s time to start paying more attention to the ladies. Especially in this year, when the… Read More »

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52nd annual Grammys; the Fashion Awards

-Zoe Shapiro  When the musical dust has settled and the awards have all been handed out (poor, deserving MGMT, huh?) FASHION is left… We at SheDoesTheCity felt the need to recognize and ridicule on a separate sartorial scale (which Ms. Swift might appreciate given her pitchy snooze of a performance; where’s Kanye when you need… Read More »

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