Sipping whiskey with Leah Stephenson and Sarah Miniaci, bad-ass babes behind Toronto's new online arts and lit mag, Burner

Sitting at Sidecar with Sarah Miniaci and Leah Stephenson, masterminds behind new online art and lit mag Burner, I can’t help but feel like I’ve stumbled across two ass-kicking, whiskey-sipping fairy godmothers. The women, whose frustration with the literary establishment led them to create a magazine for “the chick who reads Cosmo and Kierkegaard in… Read More »

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What Courtney Wore Today Brings Hole's Loyal Army Daily Fashion Updates From The Incomparable Ms. CLC

By Maria Escamilla It appears that rock royalty Courtney Love has hopped on the bandwagon of fashion blogging. The site is not Love’s own personal attempt at salvaging a worst-dressed reputation, but a blog belonging to an unknown “L”” “T” & , “X”. Mysterious. However, Love does contribute by sending a quick pic of what… Read More »

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HOLE Concert in Toronto: Not Just a Terrific Show But a Trip Back in Time to my Tumultuous Teenage Years Bursting with Mischief

By Jen M It was 1995. I was wearing stained cords from Kensington market, my Dad’s oversized brown sweater and Converse One Stars with vomit stains on them. My hair was disturbingly half-dreaded and I only wore glasses that I rarely cleaned. My goal, apparently, was to look as awful as possible. Every Victoria Day,… Read More »

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