By Maria Escamilla
It appears that rock royalty Courtney Love has hopped on the bandwagon of fashion blogging. The site is not Love’s own personal attempt at salvaging a worst-dressed reputation, but a blog belonging to an unknown “L”” “T” & , “X”. Mysterious. However, Love does contribute by sending a quick pic of what she is wearing each day. Sartorialist worthy? Well, that’s for you to decide.

Growing up wanting to start my own girl band, I started dressing like CLO. Bleach blonde hair? Check. Babydoll dress? Check. Last night’s make up? Check. We’ve all kept this image of Courtney Love as hot mess in our minds, but the bitch has her own style, and she rocks it shamelessly. Love’s look has become iconic and inspires fashionistas from Gossip Girls’ Taylor Momsen, to Chanel’s director of makeup, Peter Phillips. Today, she sits front row at Roberto Cavalli, and is a loyal fan of Givenchy and Yves St. Laurent. In January 2009, Love also won Woman of the Year at Elle Style Awards in London, and even graced the cover of Elle UK.

Am I saying Anna Wintour is checking CLO’s closet diary? Probably not. But, Love has her own army of followers, like me. My brother was a Nirvana grunge kid, so I had the honour of frequently hearing Hole blasted as a preteen. I was transfixed watching her go apeshit on MTV and would dutifully strum Violet riffs in the background (this got me a girl scout badge, bitches).

No stranger to ups, downs and disaster – she has always pulls through and makes a statement, be it impressive or gut wrenching. So two weeks later, am I still checking Abso-fuckin-lutely.