Crowd Review: Kimchi & Banchan Making Workshop at The Depanneur

When I sat down at the communal table at The Depanneur on Tuesday I was greeted by nine shy faces who slowly introduced themselves. Most of the students came as individuals and seemed to be regulars at The Dep. Soon Jonna, the chef, introduced herself and the workshop’s schedule. “Now,” she said “Before I get all ‘Miss Frizzle’ on you—‘Take chances! Make mistakes! Get messy’—let’s go… Read More »

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Crowd Review: Christian Hansen & The Convoys at The Silver Dollar March 2

You can see the Gradient of Interest at any concert: the closer people are to the stage, the more they care. Their interest manifests itself in movement. It would be beautiful to view from above: a stillness that transitions into thrashing nearest the stage. I doubt the genre of music matters much; where there’s music, the Gradient will be present. There will always be dancing fans and there will always be the disinterested, the “came because… Read More »

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Dinner and Drag Race at the Henhouse in Toronto

Crowd Review: Dinner and Drag Race at the Henhouse

Have you ever watched RuPaul’s Drag Race? The answer is only yes if you’ve watched it at the Henhouse on Tuesday nights. It’s the only way to watch the show. Picture about 30 people crowding around to watch the show as it’s projected on to a thin white cotton sheet. Then picture two amazing drag queens, Judy Virago and Igby Lizzard, as hosts.… Read More »

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