Photo gallery: Vitaminwater x Fader magazine #Uncapped TIFF party inside the CBC

Tucked inside the gorgeous CBC building on Front Street was a TIFF party of epic proportions! Presented by Vitaminwater and music magazine Fader, the #Uncapped shindig was a total hoot. There were strawberries for snacking, plus cocktails made from different Vitaminwater flavours! Oh and, of course, some killer music: Potty Mouth and Dragonette, who both totally rocked out and… Read More »

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Dragonette plays New Year’s Eve at Niagara Falls: An interview with lead singer Martina Sorbara

Exciting, dirty, and vigorous: Dragonette has been giving us powerful songs since the band released Galore back in 2007. Dragonette’s music is made up of glam-rock-electro-pop tunes that are meant to be cranked loud. In music videos and on stage, lead singer Martina Sorbara projects a strong and fiery energy that is at times quite sexual, but… Read More »

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Power Ball: Quarter Life Crisis gave us all a license to behave like debaucherous twenty-somethings

The annual art fundraising blowout at Power Plant Gallery already has a longstanding reputation as a night that provokes risqué behaviour, but layering on a theme that begs partygoers to relive their self-indulgent, carefree youth meant that the somewhat grey line between letting loose and acting downright audacious disappeared. Guests were not only invited to… Read More »

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