International Electronic Jams at Montreal’s 14th MUTEK 2013

Montreal’s foremost digital art and electronic music festival, MUTEK, has evolved significantly since its incarnation in 2000. Every year, numerous artists, musicians, and producers of local and international origin have drawn increasingly larger audiences to the city for five days of performances. Arguably, it has only been in the last two to three years that… Read More »

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Expect the Digitally Unexpected: MUTEK 2011 Injects Fresh Fuel into Montreal’s Electronic Scene for Five Glorious Days

Say it with me: “this is the summer I will step outside my music comfort zone and experience something fresh, something different”. Realistically, you have no excuses for not full-filling this pledge – you live in Montreal, and MUTEK 2011 begins on June 1 (until June 5). As described in a recent Montreal Gazette article,… Read More »

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