You say goodbye, I say…

How do you sign off on your emails? For friends and relationships that extend outside of the office, the ubiquitous xo or xx seem to trump. How do you bid adieu to those that you’d favour a handshake over a hug? As there are so many appropriate options, I undertook a national survey* to quantify… Read More »

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Punctually Challenged

Questions, comments and conundrums are most welcome at Work like you don’t need the money. Dance like no one’s watching. Schedule like you don’t have a blackberry. Have you noticed how easy it is to run late or cancel plans with a quick message on the go? It’s so easy to text “running 15 minutes… Read More »

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The Worst Kind of Snub: The Public Snub

If social interaction is a continuum, on one end there are people who are painfully fake, too slick, easy to spot in a crowd, just look for them looking over the shoulder of the person they’re speaking to. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are, plug your ears, bitches – icicles that can’t be… Read More »

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Give good text

I’ve had no less than four friends recently lament to me about the same complaint. One being She Does The City’s big boss lady herself, and the other lives all the way across the pond in Ireland, suggesting etiquette blunders span international borders. So here it goes (Karen Cleveland: breaking issues and breaking journalism. Right?… Read More »

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Having Words

I’m back from a little vaunt to paradise. I’d lament about how awful it is coming back to the blustery weather here, but that would be in bad poor taste since it’s not going anywhere, anytime soon. My time in Nicaragua was a picture of charming locals and travellers, everyone wildly kind and polite (save for… Read More »

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When Social Media Isn't So Social

The best and worst part of social media is the immediate connectivity it provides. While the point is to share information in cursory, pithy bites, there is still room for grace in 140 characters. · Keep your updates within the confines of ‘who cares?’ · Photos are fun but be cordial in your tagging (unflattering… Read More »

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