Be nice on the way up

by Karen Cleveland I spent some time recently having coffee with some keeners who tracked me down to ask me about my work (day job is in marketing). Some reeked of entitlement. Others were rock stars, who I’ll likely be working for in a few years (quite happily, I might add – they seem smart… Read More »

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Give Good Guest

by Karen Cleveland Mmmm…..summer travel. Quick cottage weekends, long jaunts overseas, impromptu drives to wine country. Lovely. Whether you’re the host, or the guest, do what you can to ensure the trip is a nice one.

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Frat Boys Boardroom

By Karen Cleveland I work in an office where it is quite the boys club…it’s practically like Mad Men. I get along with everyone well but can’t help feel uncomfortable, and almost angry, when I’m sitting at my desk and the VP comes around and starts talking about the Sunshine Girl. Within minutes, about a… Read More »

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Stranger neighbours

Dear Karen, I have lived in my neighbourhood for two years and am very friendly with all the neighbours, as work from home so see them all the time. However, they only know my dog’s name and I only know their children’s names, and that’s in a few special cases. It feels almost silly to… Read More »

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Shake on it

by Karen Cleveland Try and use the word “limp” in a positive context. Tough, huh? Limp handshakes are gross. Nothing worse than when I’m really excited to meet someone, extend my hand and they offer me a limp, loose hand in return. Handshakes are mini rituals. They are big social signifiers – very telling of… Read More »

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Table manners and matters

by Karen Cleveland I’ve just returned from a great vacation (good flights!) and clocked many quality hours eating and drinking languidly with fabulous company. Upon my return, I indulged my post-vacation lethargy with even more dining out. Reflecting on my table time, now that I’ve finally broken down and bought groceries, I’ve been impressed and… Read More »

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