Why You’ll Never Find Closure, Period

If you’re looking for closure from a relationship, I’m telling you right now—you’re never going to find it. My friends talk about closure like it’s the closing ceremony of the Olympics. A moment when, if planned correctly, fireworks explode, everyone cheers and life-changing realizations surface. Now that you’ve both “mutually” found closure, you can magically… Read More »

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It Wasn’t that Bad: Possibly the Only Time Something Good Happened After Seeing an Ex on Facebook

The “People You May Know” section of Facebook is a heartless wench. I mean, sure, sometimes it gets it right, like when it allowed me to reconnect with a long-lost high school friend I now see regularly. For the most part though, its soulless, illogical algorithms ensure that friends-of-friends’-cousins of my mom’s old choir buddies… Read More »

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How to… Give His Shit Back

Sometimes you don’t get “closure”—you just get dumped. He may have checked out, but you get to wake up with him on your mind, in your bed (figuratively). The worst. But sometimes a window opens! It dawns on you both: He has your shit. You have his shit. You agree to meet one last time.… Read More »

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