ATTN: You Can Make Your House Smell Like France

Ahhh la France. The shabby chic apartments, the sprawling country homes, the quaint chambre de bonnes. You want your house to look like Aubusson, Burgundy, Antibes, Paris, Versailles, and Provence, but to take it NEXT LEVEL what about making your house smell like France? Annie Sloantoday announced the launch of her own line of signature fragrances for… Read More »

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Rendez-Vous a Paris: My Voyage, Then and Now

The first time I travelled to Paris, I was sixteen. I had baby fat, a terrible I’m-growing-out-my-Winona-Ryder-pixie-cut, and I was a virgin. I went to Paris to complete my OAC (a.k.a. grade 13, a.k.a. a-fifth-year-in-high-school-that-really-wasn’t-too-bad-and-maybe-they-should-bring-it-back-because-seventeen-years-old-is-way-young-for-university) French studies. I convinced one of my BFFs at the time to join me for the four-week intensive program, and,… Read More »

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