How I became a reluctant Ashtanga Yoga convert

There comes a time in every young lady’s life when she must take action. As if gray hairs, decreased tolerance to booze, and there’s-a-reason-we-don’t-keep-a-shotgun-in-the-house hangovers aren’t enough of a fuck you to my fleeting youth, I couldn’t help but start noticing changes in my body. Droopy, flabby, gunty changes. “Welcome to your mid-twenties, bitch,” said the… Read More »

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Six Steps to Self Care

Sometimes we care so much for others that we begin to care less for ourselves. That’s not a bad thing, so much as just a thing. Many women are socialized to put others first, and the self second, and while this is an altruistic way to live, it’s simply not feasible to ignore your own… Read More »

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SUPERFOODS! The top healthy foods to include on your grocery list (hint, blueberries are brain food and ice cream is a healthy eater’s indulgence of choice)

When I warned you against eating certain gross foods in 2012, I kind of left you hanging with no where to turn but an empty refrigerator. But fear not! I’ll help you out with a list of eight things you should be eating in 2012.  Guaranteed (not guaranteed because I’m not an expert) for a… Read More »

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