Hills Hit List

By Caitlyn Holroyd Lauren’s become a best-selling author, Whitney’s switched cities and reality shows, Heidi’s boobs have quadrupled in size and Audrina is still looking for a Justin Bobby replacement. A lot’s changed since we first met the Hills girls six seasons ago and the time has finally come to bid the drama farewell. Next… Read More »

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Heidi Montag vs. The Aftershow

by Caitlyn Holroyd As much as I would love to not comment on the whole Heidi Montag plastic surgery fiasco in wake of more serious tragedies like Haiti, I haven’t been able to turn on my television this week without hearing yet another debate on her recent decision to have 10 surgeries in one day.… Read More »

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With Friends Like These…

‘You’re so pretty when you cry…’ – A friend to her gal-pal, over morning coffee and obvious heartbreak by Louisa Cohen In our deepest moments of crisis, sometimes what saves us are those sick little narcissistic moments – when we know no one is watching, but imagine everyone is. Raise your hand if you’ve practiced… Read More »

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Speidi Repellent

Instead of doing something or anything real lately, I’ve found myself sucked into YouTube clips of the newest and lowest “reality” show that isn’t anybody plus eight: I’m a Celebrity: Get me Out of Here! The highlight of NBC’s stupidest summer filler is something called Speidi: her a makeup-less (aah!) crybaby and him the blondest… Read More »

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Hills on the Open Range

Cowboy Bill saunters into town, Audrina works a video-shoot, one Pratt loses a job, and the other gains a fiancee. 10:02-Crossing fingers that Heidi’s father comes with not just a gun, but w/ tumbleweeds and the soundtrack from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly 10:07-Justin-Bobby is inside the giant puppet, spying on Audrina. 10:08-Lead… Read More »

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Stupid headwear, Steph effs up, and Heidi brings the pain. 10:01 – Dear Lauren: Nice Rastafarian hat. Lookin’ good. 10:04 – Here’s a question: Where does Spencer find all these girls who are into flesh beards? 10:07 – Employing Steph Pratt would be like employing an extremely dim poodle. 10:09 – Someone let Dan Levy… Read More »

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