Participate in Jane’s Walk, happening this weekend, to help promote urban literacy

Famous Toronto urbanist Jane Jacobs believed in building neighbourhoods that were urban literate, active, and involved with each other. Each year, to celebrate her legacy and all that she stood for, people across the world participate in Jane’s Walk—a free, public walk for people to explore neighbourhoods in their cities, meet neighbours, and learn more… Read More »

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Jane’s Walks is back This Saturday! – Our Coles Notes on the Woman Behind the International Neighbourhood Walks, and our top 8 Picks

Jane Jacobs was an American-born Canadian activist who devoted her life to studying cities. Her passion for public space and urban planning led her to write 7 books, halt the gentrification of many local neighbourhoods in New York and Toronto, influence the withdrawal of expressway construction and aid in the success of housing projects. She… Read More »

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